Adriana in Elle US, March 2009.

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Adriana shooting for Victoria’s Secret Holiday, 2014.

Adriana behind the scenes shooting for VS 

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Anonymous asked: How do you manage this blog and school?? Any tips?

Okay so there was a point in time where this blog was taking over and I was neglecting schoolwork which is a no no so what I do now is I collect a range of different pictures from different events, runways, editorials etc and edit and caption them as I usually would but instead of posting them all at once I save them to drafts. That way all I have to do when I want to post something is click ‘post’ and it gets posted right away. It’s super quick and easy, especially on the tumblr app (which is where I blog from most of the time). It’s much easier (for me at least) to do that rather than set up a queue because I am in more control of things that way and I can also see if anyone’s sent me any messages and things like that :)  

I’m also very luck in that I’m a Uni student, so I’m not at school for 6 hours a day 5 days a week, so the extra time is always helpful in keeping all of my blogs updated 


Izabel, Selita and Adriana for Vanity Fair, 2007

Adriana for VS Beauty 

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