Adriana for Ocean Drive, November 2008.

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Adriana Lima at the 2003 VSFS.

Anonymous asked: Hi! Can you post the link of your VS account, please? And thanks for the help with the Adriana old commercial I asked you!

Hi, yes of course. My VS blog is bombshells-ofvs.tumblr. Sorry I couldn’t help more with that video, I looked at a bunch of different websites and I couldn’t find it anywhere :( xo   

Adriana Lima + Vogue Covers 

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Hi everyone, 
So apparently people have been sending me messages but I haven’t been getting the half of them which sucks so I’m going to be turning off my ask box overnight just to see if that fixes whatever issue is going on at the moment. Sorry to everyone who I haven’t answered because I haven’t received your messages, hopefully they’ll come through! 

Anonymous asked: Post pictures of Candice at the maxim hot list please

Sorry but this is strictly an Adriana blog, I can post some on my VS blog if you want though ? :) 

Anonymous asked: Hi! I saw in a fan video (this is the name of the video: "Victoria's Secret Outtakes - Adriana Lima", just digit it on youtube and you'll find it) a segment in wich Adriana was laughing and plaing with clothelines in red lingerie; can you post a link to the video of the original commercial they've used to create the music video, if it's available, and also pictures of that moment, please? Thank you so much!

Yes I know which one you mean. The video was released a while ago as a TV commercial but it wasn’t put on the internet or on Youtube so I don’t know if it’s available anymore. As for pictures I can only ind one at the moment, I’ll post it for you and I’ll keep looking to see if I can find any more :) 

Adriana by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott for Vogue Paris, November 2014. 

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