Adriana for Ellus, S/S 2003.

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Anonymous asked: I wish Adriana would write a book.

Like an autobiography? 

Anonymous asked: Sorry if this is an annoying question, but is Adriana related to the singer Mya in anyway?

No it’s not at all! And I don’t think they are, if they are related they haven’t said anything about it so I’m going to have to say no they’re not :) 

Anonymous asked: adriana's runway walk?

Sure thing, would you like me to post gifs instead of pictures cause I think gifs would be better to see her runway walk?


Requested: Adriana Lima’s eyes appreciation gifset.

Ended up appreciating her whole face cuz Jesus Christ…


We all know it should of been these two during the Bombshells Day Event earlier this year…

Anonymous asked: Hi, Bianca. I'm doing a powerpoint project on Mixed race celebs for one of my classes and I used a few of your edits of Adriana, is that okay? I included your blog in my cited sources also.

Yeah of course! You’re free to use them for whatever you want anyway but I appreciate you telling me about it so thank you for letting me know! :)

models-of-brasil asked: Happy Birthday!! <3

Thank you!! Xo

nadine-leopold-love asked: Hi love! Wishing you the happiest Birthday ever! You are such a sweetheart Xx

Hi beautiful, thank you so much! Xo